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Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore Payment Plan

Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore Payment Plan

Swiss Mall Gulberg stands out from other conventional development projects in the neighbourhood due to its distinctive and stunning facade, which is composed of a combination of glass and steel, that makes the  infrastructure  modern and luxurious. This meticulously planned project is one of Hussain Raza’s hallmark designs and will be ready by 2025.

With a 10% annual rental yield Swiss Mall provides a great opportunity for investors to invest because it’s a legacy for the next generations. Swiss Mall is approved by all relevant authorities as LDA & FBR. The Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore Payment Plan calls for three yearly payments.

Swiss Mall M.M Alam Road is located on the prime location of M.M Alam Road Lahore, which has the finest and most well-known neighbourhood of Main Boulevard Gulberg, Qaddafi Stadium, Liberty Market and much more. Swiss Mall offers Executive and Presidential Suites and an exclusive Shopping Mall. The opulent venture is a safe and secured investment with one of the best and most respected companies in its field ‘ZSK Associates’.

Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore Payment Plan

Swiss Mall Lahore has the  family oriented atmosphere that you love to visit and shop from the top leading outlets, and the list of amenities is not yet complete. The project combines an exclusive shopping mall, retail outlets, and hotel suites with all the trendiest, opulent and most luxurious amenities available, including the only infinity pool on M.M. Alam Road, a world-class fitness club with gender-specific areas, a magnificent hotel lobby, a separate mall lobby, and much more.

Swiss Mall Owners & Developers

Behind this opulent commercial & residency project, there is a well-known real estate developer ZSK Associates Lahore, who began a premium, luxurious, sophisticated, well-organised and well-structured project in Lahore, Pakistan.

ZSK Associates Lahore

Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore Payment Plan

ZSK Associates is one of the country’s most prominent development businesses, which owns and develops real estate businesses. They just inaugurated their newest initiative, which is conveniently located on M.M Alam Road Gulberg Lahore and is expected to become one of the area’s most popular developments.

ZSK Associates Lahore has maintained its profitable record via innovation and devotion to the best building techniques. With this current venture, the developer hopes to contribute their gem to the environment of Lahore. They help the real estate industry grow by creating highly safe and profitable investment opportunities.

On-Going Project

Swiss Mall Gulberg is the only ongoing project by ZSK Associates. A safe and secure investment with one of the best and most respected companies in its field.

Swiss International Hotels & Resorts

The well-planned & gracefully designed executive and presidential suites are managed by the globally recognized hotel chain ‘SWISS INTERNATIONAL HOTELS & RESORTS’. The respected company has almost 40 years of splendid experience in the hospitality industry. Swiss Hotel Suites provides the same management and hospitality services as international hotels.

Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore Payment Plan

Swiss Mall Gulberg Project Plan

Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore is known as the private highly elevated building on M.M Alam Road possessing all essential and opulent amenities beneath one roof.

Swiss Mall Gulberg offers:

  • Executive Suites.
  • Presidential Suites. 
  • 4-Star Hotel managed by Swiss International.
  • Exclusive Shopping Mall.
  • Commercial Outlets. 

This unique project on M.M. Alam Road offers a 4-Star hotel with 200 Hotel Suites at the top of the structure to accommodate the enormous demand of esteemed clients and a separate magnificent hotel lobby to make it easier for residents to check in and out.

To fully accommodate the visitors, the Exclusive Shopping Mall has a number of signature retail businesses, including the Signature Fazal Jewellers Outlet.

Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore Location & Map

In the real estate business industry, there are some factors that play a vital role in buying and selling property. Location is one of the most important factors. In fact, most real estate experts define a location as one of the only factors that have the power to make or break the future valuation of any property.

Because of its superior position, Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore provides a perfect site for brand stores to attract clients. It is located on M.M Alam Road and is regarded as one of the city’s business centres and upscale neighbourhoods, with all amenities.

Swiss Mall Lahore is located at 5, C 2 MM Alam Rd, Block C2 Block C 2 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab. It is one of Gulberg Lahore’s most developed phases and offers excellent investment opportunities. It is close to Liberty Market, Qaddafi Stadium and Madison Square Mall, thus inhabitants have no trouble getting about. This project’s location allows for a quick and simple journey to Ringroad, D.H.A, Kalma Chowk, Liberty Market and Mall Road.

The project also provides direct access to the Army Museum, which can be reached in 16-minutes. The well-known Packages Mall is only a 21-minute drive from the Mall & Apartments. 

Swiss Mall Lahore Nearby Accessibilities

Swiss Mall directions are easily accessible as follows:

  • Situated on M.M Alam Road.
  • 3-minute drive from Main Boulevard Gulberg.
  • 4-minute drive from Madison Square Mall.
  • 5-minute drive from Qaddafi Stadium & Liberty Market.
  • 6-minute drive from Wonder World Pakistan.
  • 16-minute drive from Army Museum & Lahore Zoo.
  • 18-minute drive from National Hospital & Medical Center Lahore.
  • 21-minute drive from Packages Mall.
  • 28-minute drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport.

Swiss Mall Lahore Nearby Landmarks & Places

Swiss Mall Lahore is close to several recreational amenities, hospitals, and educational institutions, which range from elementary schools to universities.

Nearby Schools & Universities

Swiss Mall has multiple renowned schools and universities nearby including:

  • STEP School.
  • Salamat Elementary School.
  • Aligarh Public School.
  • Forman Christian College & University.
  • Skill University.
  • Lahore Grammar School.
  • NEXUS School.
  • American Lycetuff School.
  • University Of Child Health Sciences.
  • The University Of Lahore.
  • The University of Hertfordshire.
  • Hajveri University.
  • European University.
  • Beaconhouse School System.
  • Superior University.
  • The University Of South Asia.

Nearby Restaurants

The options of the eateries in the area are as follows:

  • Cafe Aylanto.
  • Cafe On Heights.
  • Spice Bazaar.
  • Osh.
  • Nisa Sultan Turkish Cuisine.
  • Smoky Grill.
  • Nando’s Gulberg.
  • The Kitchen.
  • Monal Restaurant.
  • Bundu Khan Restaurant.
  • Salt n Pepper.
  • Arcadian Cafe.

Nearby Hospitals & Pharmacies

Hospitals & pharmacies around the venture are

  • Hameed Latif Hospital.
  • Shadman General Hospital.
  • Surgimed Hospital.
  • Fatima Memorial Hospital.
  • Lahore Care Hospital.
  • PAF Hospital.
  • Doctors Hospital & Maternity Home.
  • Gulberg Family Hospital.
  • Masood Hospital.
  • Shaukat Khanum Laboratory.
  • Lahore Care Hospital.
  • MidCity Hospital.
  • Al Razi Hospital.

Nearby Parks & Recreational Centers

Swiss Mall has multiple renowned parks nearby including:

  • Ghalib Market Park.
  • Gulberg Park.
  • Public Park.
  • Army Museum.
  • Lahore Gymkhana.
  • Joyland.
  • J-block Park.
  • X-Block Park.
  • Lahore Garrison Golf & Country Club.
  • Racecourse Park.
  • Children & Family Park.
  • Cavalry Park.
  • DeSom Services Club.
  • Rani Park.
  • Gaddafi Stadium.

Swiss Mall Lahore Prices & Property Types

The extravagant and well-designed building of Swiss Mall Gulberg offers various property types as aesthetically retailed shops and luxury flats for sale in Lahore Gulberg.

Swiss Mall Gulberg Shops For Sale

Swiss Mall offers a vast variety of shops available in different sizes and on different floors:

  • Shops (Ground Floor)  (342 sq.ft.).

Swiss Mall offers retail outlets on the ground floor price range of 4.28 Crore PKR with a 36-month payment plan and 30% down payment.

  • Shops (Mezzanine Floor)  (258 sq.ft. – 577 sq.ft.).

Swiss Mall offers retail outlets on the mezzanine floor price range between 1.17 Crore – 4.37 Crore PKR with a 36-month payment plan and 30% down payment.

  • Shops (First Floor)  (258 sq.ft. – 577 sq.ft.).

Swiss Mall offers retail outlets on the first-floor price range between 1.17 Crore – 4.37 Crore PKR with a 36-month payment plan and 30% down payment.

  • Shops (Second Floor)  (294 sq.ft. – 626 sq.ft.).

Swiss Mall offers retail outlets on the second-floor price range between 1.19 Crore – 3.56 Crore PKR with a 36-month payment plan and 30% down payment.

Swiss Mall Gulberg Flats For Sale

Swiss Mall Gulberg offers Hotel suites on the 4th to 10th floor. Apartments for sale in Lahore Gulberg are:

  • Hotel Suites (4th – 10th Floor)  (389 sq.ft. – 450 sq.ft.).

Swiss Mall Lahore offers flats/hotel suites prices ranging between 2.13 Crore – 2.46 Crore PKR with a 36-month payment plan and 30% down payment.

Swiss Mall Apartments Lahore Plot Features

Swiss Mall Lahore provide you with modern as well as basic facilities that include:

  • Sui gas supply.
  • Electricity supply.
  • Water supply.
  • Sewerage system.
  • Satellite or cable supply.
  • Accessibility through roads.

Swiss Mall Lahore Salient Features

Swiss Mall offers premium facilities at a lower price than other real estate projects in the vicinity. These are the features that make luxury apartments and retail outlets essential for the future:

  • High Standard & Planned Residential & Commercial Project.
  • 24/7 CCTV Security & Surveillance System.
  • Modern Infrastructure.
  • Swimming Pool & Sauna.
  • Barber Shop.
  • Well Designed Terraces.
  • Doctor On Call.
  • Modern Indoor Cafes & Restaurants.
  • Business Center.
  • Capsule Lifts & Escalators.
  • Sitting Area & Garden.
  • Gymnasium.
  • Wifi Connectivity.
  • Laundry Service.
  • Pick & Drop Service.
  • Breakfast Service.
  • LCD TV & Cable Connections.
  • In-room Safe.
  • Deluxe & VIP Hotel Suites.
  • 24hrs Electricity, Gas And Water Backup.
  • Easy Instalment Plan.
  • 24 hours Reception Service.
  • Commercial Facilities & Retailed Outlets.
  • Room Service.
  • 4-Star Hotel.
  • Electrical & Maintenance Room.
  • Fully Furnished Kitchen.
  • Handicapped Accessible.
  • Dry Cleaning Service At Doorstep.
  • Earthquake Proof Building Design.
  • Central Heating & Cooling (Vrf) System.
  • Secured Dedicated Car Parking.
  • Emergency Fire Exits.
  • High-Speed Wireless Internet Cloud.
  • Rooftop Recreational Area.
  • A Shopping Mall.

Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore Payment Plan

The Swiss Mall Lahore payment plan is both affordable and flexible. The properties for sale are available for booking on a simple instalment plan. Investors will profit handsomely from their investments in the future; however, high rental incomes are guaranteed.

A 30% down payment is required at the time of booking, with the remaining 20% due at the time of possession. The balance can be paid in 36 monthly instalments.

The payment schedule is shown below.

Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore Payment Plan
Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore Payment Plan
Swiss Mall Gulberg Lahore Payment Plan

Why Invest In Swiss Mall M.M Alam Gulberg?

  • Swiss Mall will surely be a productive investment because of its developers(ZSK Associates) who never fail in providing real estate projects.
  • The top-notch neighbourhood of Main Boulevard Gulberg & Liberty Market.
  • The expectation of high capital gains in near future.
  • Upto 10% annual rental yield guaranteed.
  • Certainty of investment gains in conjunction with the project.
  • Providing every comfort in a thriving environment.
  • Located on M.M Alam Road, a hub of infrastructure development and real estate investment.
  • 100% safe and secure investment.
  • No income source declaration is required.
  • Hotel suites and 4-star hotels are managed by Swiss International Hotels & Resorts.
  • Offering premium & luxurious facilities at a cheaper cost.
  • Due to an expanding housing shortage, Pakistan requires about 0.7 million new residential units each year, and moderately priced projects like Swiss Apartments play a critical part in meeting this demand.
  • Timely completion of project guaranteed.
  • Sale agreement at 30% down payment.
  • A smart investment for passive income.
  • LDA & FBR approved the project.

What Does An Investor Look For While Investing?

Here’s a look at some of the most important things to consider if you plan to invest in the real estate market:

  • Location of the property.
  • Value of the property.
  • Area of the property.
  • Builder repute verification.
  • Title deed verification.
  • Necessary approvals (NOC) by the local body.
  • Investment Purpose and Investment Horizon.

Benefits Of Investing In Rental Property

Have a look at the benefits of investing in rental property:

  • Potential for long-term returns.
  • Provide a regular income.
  • Wealth accumulation.
  • Hedge against inflation
  • Appreciation for the property.
  • A steady stream of cash flow.
  • Advantages/deductions in tax.

Guidelines To Follow While Purchasing/Selling Of Property

Following are the guidelines to follow while purchasing or selling any property:

Document Verification

Always verify all the property documentation with complete satisfaction to avoid any misconvenience or misunderstanding. Before purchasing and selling any property, inquire about the NOC and other approval documents by the developers, approved by the authorities. That’s how your purchase or sale will be made without any issue of invalidation.

Financial Security

Before selling and purchasing any property, make sure that you have some financial deposits on for backup if needed. While selling and purchasing, please ensure that your funds align with your payment plan. That’s how your purchase or sale will be made without any issues.

Property Visits

It is compulsory to do property visits before purchasing and selling any property to analyse the validity and features of the property properly. After the surety of the validity, visit the site to ensure that the required documents are under the plot specifications.

Documentation Requirement For Booking

The following documentation is required for booking any property:

  • Two passport-size Pictures.
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card.
  • Two copies of the ID card of your next to kin(father, mother, wife, sister, brother).
  • NICOP for overseas clients.

Charges To Be Paid At The Time Of Booking

  • 30% down payment that is paid at the time of booking. The booking fee must be paid following the unit size specified in the payment plan.
  • The payments will be made over 36 months in easy monthly instalments.
  • 20% is to be paid at the time of possession.

Conclusion – Swiss Mall Gulberg

Due to the Swiss Mall’s excellent amenities and successful investment, the M.M. Alam Road will undoubtedly experience an increase in demand. Swiss Mall Lahore is a private high-rise residential property that is located on the M.M. The most affluent and active area in terms of adjacent health, educational, commercial, and recreational services is Alam Road in Lahore. This elegant and luxurious combo is a good purchase because it offers an easy instalment plan of 36 months with a 30% down payment.

So, if you are part of the same audience wanting to invest in Lahore’s new residential projects in instalments in 2022, approach INVEST LAHORE right away!


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