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Nadra B Form Fee

Are you a Pakistani parent or guardian who wants to legally register the birth of your child? This article is all about what you need to know about this B form including Nadra B form Fee.

The certificate Nadra B Form is known as Child Registration Certificate which pertains to individuals under 18 years of age.

The Child Registration Certificate, or Nadra B Form, is an important document needed for a number of things, including applying for a passport and getting admitted to schools.

Leading you through all you need to know about the Nadra B Form and what is the b form Nadra fees in this guide, including how to follow the status of your application and manage the necessary paperwork.

The B Form is issued by NADRA from the place of origin, and individuals can obtain it by providing a child birth certificate from the Union Council.

Nadra B Form Fee

 Bay Form Nadra Fee

New CRC/Duplicate/ModificationRs.50Rs. 500
FRC( Family Registration Certificate)Rs.1000Rs. 1000

B Form Nadra Issuance Requirements

Below are the B-Form Issuance Requirements

  • Must needs Valid ID card of the parents of a child.
  • Providing Proof of Birth.
  • Any further pertinent documents that Nadra specifies

Having these records on hand will make the application process go easier and make sure your child’s birth is accurately registered.

B-Form Procedure are as follows

  • Individual must to visit NADRA office and get a token for officer counter for B-Form
  • Photos of the applicant will be taken by the staff/officer.
  • Then, the fingerprint and signature of the applicant will be obtained by the officer.
  • Applicants must submit required data and will get the print of the form.
  • Finally, submit the form to the concerned officer and collect the same after waiting time

How can you apply to receive a B Form?

Any Nadra Registration Center or Nadra E-Sahulat Center in Pakistan is where you can fill out an application for the Nadra B Form.

The facilities are easily accessible for parents and guardians to finish the registration process because they are located in major cities and towns.

Checking the Status of Your B Form Application

You can keep an eye on the progress of your B Form application using Nadra’s user-friendly online tracking system. 

To track the status of your application, simply visit the Nadra website and input your tracking ID or CNIC number. 

This feature provides users all the information they need. To avoid any inconvenience later on, it is necessary that you inquire about any related costs when you avail this feature.

NADRA Overview

In Pakistan, national identity cards and population registration are provided by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), an official government agency. NADRA was founded in 2000 and plays as a major part of the Ministry of Interior’s effort to keep a centralized database of Pakistani nationals. NADRA supports the nation’s efforts in development, security, and democracy through its technology advancements and productive operations.


In today’s generation The B Form is an important document that proves the citizenship and identity of your child.

You support your child’s legal identity and access to a rights and services by making sure they register on time. With the help of this article you are going to identify the important steps in order to get a b form.

If need more information about B form Nadra fee from then you can go to official Website of Nadra to learn more about this important document.

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