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Nadra Offices In Karachi

Do you want to register yourself or your family members as an official resident in Pakistan for a family tree? Or you need to register a death certificate, a birth certificate? Nadra Offices In Karachi will fulfill all your requirements quickly.

To meet your demands, Nadra (National Database and Registration Authority) offices have great locations around Karachi. These offices provide quick solutions for any administrative needs, such as CNIC issuance.

Nadra has arranged its offices in a way that makes them simple to find to all citizens of Karachi. You can find Nadra offices in Clifton, Defence, Saddar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, or any other neighborhood. 

In this article you are going to find a detailed list of Nadra offices in Karachi. Hope it will help you find the nearest Nadra Branch for NIC,NICOP, Registration or any Certificates at National level.

Nadra Offices In Karachi

List Of Nadra Offices In Karachi

There are total 23 Nadra Offices in Karachi

No.BranchAddressPhone No.
1NADRA Provincial Headquarters29-E, Miran Muhammad Shah Road, MACHS(021) 111 786 100
2NADRA Mega Center DHAService Road, 18th East Street, Phase 1, DHA(021) 111 786 100
3NADRA Mega Center North NazimabadPlot No. D15/1, Euro Twin Tower, Block L, North Nazimabad Town(021) 111 786 100
4NADRA Mega Center SiemensSiemens Chowrangi, SITE Area(021) 111 786 100
5NADRA Executive Office Shahrah-e-QuaideenPlot No. 85-C, Saleem Tower, Khudadad Colony021-34555585
6NADRA Executive Office CliftonB-7, Quality Arcade near Shawn Circle, Clifton021-35308063
7NADRA Executive Office SaddarNear Saddar Passport Office021-99206352
8NADRA Executive Office KCCIKarachi Chamber of Commerce Building, Saddar Town0300-2546004
9NADRA Mega Centre Gulistan-e-JauharBlock 15, near Income Building, Gulistan-e-Johar021-34023995
10NADRA Office Safoora GothPlot 5 Block B, Race Course Club, Safoora Goth021-32066719
11NADRA Office Awami Markaz Awami Markaz, Shahrah-e-Faisal021-99240546
12NADRA Office LyariUC-10, Mullah Fazal Hall, Chakiwara Road, near Al-Jameel Hotel, Lyari021-32546688
13NADRA Centre Orangi TownTown Administrator Office, Orangi Town No. 5021-36699980
14NADRA Centre Surjani Town KDA Building, Sector 4-A, Surjani Town021-36910771
15NADRA Centre Soldier BazarUC-13, Garden West021-99215558
16NADRA Mega Center LiaquatabadLiaquatabad Town Office, KMC Building, Nazimabad-3021-36600096-97
17NADRA Centre LandhiUC-07 Office Building, 37/C, near Babar Market, Landhi021-35023645
18NADRA Mega Center MalirRafi Mall Building, National Highway, near Malir Court, Malir021-34114261
19NADRA Centre KorangiUC Office, Old KDA Building, near Sultan Clinic, Korangi No. 4021-35074166
20NADRA Centre Gulshan-e-Hadeed UC-6 Building Gulshan-e-Hadeed Phase-1, Near Bank Al-Habib, Bin Qasim Town021-34717652
21NADRA Centre Shah Faisal ColonyKMC Office, Water Board Shah Faisal Colony, Shah Faisal Town021-34599569
22NADRA Centre Memon Goth UC-01, Murad Memon Goth, Gadap Town021-34602300
23NADRA Centre SaudabadUC-03 Building, Saudabad near Student Bakery, Malir021-34507800

Nadra Offices In Karachi 24 Hours Open

Those people who are concerned about whether there are 24 hours services of Nadra Offices in Karachi or not then yes Nadra do offer their 24 hours service to people in particular areas and these areas are:

  • Nadra Mega Center Nazimabad
  • Nadra Mega Center Siemens
  • Nadra Mega Center DHA

Nadra offices In Karachi Timings

Nadra offices timings are 

  • 9:00-5:00
  • Monday to Saturday.

Nadra Charges/ Fee Schedule

If you want to know what the charges of a particular service are, then here are the details of all the recent prices mentioned below which Nadra Charges.

New CNICPKR 1,150PKR 2,150
CNIC ModificationPKR 400PKR 1,150PKR 2,150
CNIC DuplicatePKR 400PKR 1,150PKR 2,150
CNIC RenewalPKR 400PKR 1,150PKR 2,150
New Smart NICPKR 750PKR 1,500PKR 2,500
Smart NIC ModificationPKR 750PKR 1,500PKR 2,500
Smart NIC DuplicatePKR 750PKR 1,500PKR 2,500
Smart NIC RenewalPKR 750PKR 1,500PKR 2,500
CNIC Cancellation (Due to death)PKR 50
CRC New/Duplicate/ModificationPKR 50PKR 500
FRCPKR 1,000PKR 1,000
New NICOPUSD 17 – 36 USD 27 – 54USD 37 – 72
NICOP ModificationUSD 17 – 36 USD 27 – 54USD 37 – 72
NICOP DuplicateUSD 17 – 36 USD 27 – 54USD 37 – 72
NICOP RenewalUSD 17 – 36 USD 27 – 54USD 37 – 72
New Smart NICOPUSD 20 – 39USD 30 – 57USD 40 – 75
Smart NICOP ModificationUSD 20 – 39USD 30 – 57USD 40 – 75
Smart NICOP DuplicateUSD 20 – 39USD 30 – 57USD 40 – 75
Smart NICOP RenewalUSD 20 – 39USD 30 – 57USD 40 – 75

Services Offered By Nadra

As mentioned before Nadra Offers these services which you can find in different Nadra offices in Karachi near you.

  • Issue and replacement of National Identity Cards (NICs)
  • Computerized Registration Certificates (CRCs).
  •  Family Registration Certificates (FRCs).
  • Issuing and renewing Pakistan Origin Cards (POCs)
  • Birth Certificate, B-Form release
  • Changes to personal data in ID card CNIC confirmation and withdrawal
  • Updating of CNIC Data
  • NICOP (National Identity Card for overseas Pakistanis) providing


  • It requires PKR 50 for canceling a dead individual’s CNIC.
  • The regular cost of a child registration certificate (CRC) is Rs 50; for an executive, the fee is Rs 500.
  • Normally, the cost of a Family Registration Certificate (FCR) is Rs 1,000 . The amount for executives is Rs 1,000.

Helpline Of Nadra

For Zong Telenor Ufone and Jazz users 7000
Using an international dialing and connections051-111-786-100

You can also choose NADRA social media platforms which are mention below to get latest information about NADRA and are much easier for many people.


Tt has never been simpler to find Nadra offices in Karachi for your administrative requirements. But with the help of this article you can easily locate Nadra Offices near you.

Nadra offices in Karachi offers a wide variety of services, from CNIC issuance to birth and death certificates, to make sure you can easily meet all of your documentation needs.

You may find the closest branch by using the thorough complete list of Nadra offices located around Karachi. If you live in Clifton, Defence, Saddar, or any other area, you can get all the help you need from a Nadra office close by.

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