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8009 Nadra Family Tree Online Check By CNIC

Nadra has introduced 8009 Nadra Family Tree a new method to identify your family by “Qaumi Tasdeeq-o-Tajdeed Campaign” (QTTC). The Nadra Family Tree method can easily be done with your mobile phone rather than going to Nadra Offices.

The Nadra spokesperson stated that the family members could be confirmed by the QTTC by sending an SMS with the code “8009” using the phone that is registered in Nadra.

This method is way easier for people to verify their family members.

This article is a guide for you so that you can easily learn and understand the concept of this system and how you can do this with a few simple steps.

8009 Nadra Family Tree

How To Check Family Members In Nadra?

  • Open Message app.
  • Type you CNIC (13 digits) 
  • Send SMS to 8009

As soon as you send the text 8009 Nadra online check, you will receive information on your family members in return. There are people who often face problems like their family members aren’t correct or sometimes information is not valid. The Nadra Family tree system made a solution for this too.

Type “1” in response to notify the Nadra if any data is inaccurate or if a stranger’s or not linked person’s name appears among the family members. You will hear from a Nadra representative via the assistance line at 051-2778009. Enter “2” in your response to Nadra to indicate that all the data is accurate.

Registration For 8009 Nadra Family Tree SMS

Registration For 8009 Nadra Family Tree SMS

To use the identification and confirmation service, you must enroll in an SMS with Nadra using the same cellphone number that you used when completing your ID card or “B” form at the Nadra registering center. If your cellphone number does not exist with Nadra, you may register it or update it by going to any Nadra center.  Nadra registration centers offer this service without charge.

8009 Nadra Family Tree Online Check By CNIC

Nadra introduced this  “Qaumi Tasdeeq-o-Tajdeed Campaign” (QTTC) in order to protect you from any illegal activities taking place in Pakistan for a few years.

The immigrants of Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria and many other countries come to Pakistan and register themselves under families by corrupting Nadra Officers. 

So Nadra (National Database and Registration Authority) decided to prevent such things by using the Nadra Family Tree Online Check By CNIC system. This system is really easy and without any complications.

8009 Nadra Family Tree Online Check By CNIC

Branches of NADRA in Pakistan

The Nadra Headquarter office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and is situated in Islamabad. For the comfort of Pakistanis staying in foreign countries, NADRA also maintains more than 13 foreign offices throughout different countries.

In order to further improve the identity of regular individuals, NADRA runs 563+ offices throughout Pakistan, which includes NADRA Mega Centers & NADRA Executive Offices.

Almost 16676 active NADRA members are spread out across the nation.

8009 NADRA Family Tree Helpline & Contact Information

NADRA is pleased to answer any questions you may have about who you are.

Any of the means for contact given below is yours to choose:

Customer Care

  • 1777 (for Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, and Zong subscribers) is the online complaint facility for filing complaints against NADRA.
  • (In the case of confirmed calls and abroad applicants) +92 51 111 786 100.

Contact hours are 08:00–21:00 Monday through Friday and 09:00–16:00 on Saturday. 


An easy option to confirm family members through SMS is provided by Nadra’s “Qaumi Tasdeeq-o-Tajdeed Campaign”. Simply use your registered phone to SMS your CNIC to 8009.

At any Nadra center, make sure your phone number is current with Nadra. This program makes it simple to confirm familial relationships and attempts to stop false activity.

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