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Best Restaurants of Model Town, Lahore 2024

Best Restaurants Of Model Town, Lahore 2024
Best Restaurants Of Model Town, Lahore 2024

With so many different places to eat, Lahore Model Town is a food heaven for both residents and visitors. There is a great variety of cuisines and flavors to suit any palate. 

You’ll discover one of the Best Restaurants Of Model Town Lahore along with their special dishes and more.  

Whether you’re in the mood for delicious Chinese food or tender continental steak, you’re craving for a juicy burger or Lahori karahi, you’ll get what you desire in this lively area of Lahore, Model Town. 

This guide will help you find the perfect place you are searching for. Here are some of the best restaurants of Model Town, Lahore.

Best Restaurants Of Model Town, Lahore 2024
Best Restaurants Of Model Town, Lahore 2024

Best Desi Restaurants of Model Town, Lahore

1-Andaaz Restaurant

Do you want to try some unique Pakistani food presently you’re living in Lahore? For you, Andaaz restaurant is a great choice. 

Best Desi Restaurants of Model Town, Lahore

Its delicious food and warm atmosphere are enough to make your visit a night to remember. Additionally, the helpful team members guarantee all of your wants and requirements are met. 

2-Bonfire BBQ Club

BonFire might be the ideal place for dinner if you’re looking for real Chinese and Desi food while you’re in Lahore. Having a dining option boosts the attractiveness, particularly now that they’ve increased their outdoor space making it more easier for their customers. 

Best Restaurants of Model Town, Lahore

This location has to be among the best in Model Town, Lahore. You must not miss their all-time favorite and popular dish, boneless handi. 

3-Sholay Restaurant:

One of Lahore’s oldest eateries, Sholay also comes under the top rated restaurants of Lahore, Model town. Although the menu is simple, it provides everything a person may want. 

Best Restaurants of Model Town, Lahore

You can also expect tasty food and a pleasant atmosphere at Sholay. Everyone on staff is polite and responsive. Despite all of this, the restaurant is reasonably priced. 

For an amazing experience, be sure to order their Boneless Handi and Karahi which are their most well known..

  • Phone No.: 03004884338
  • Address: Bank Square Market, Model Town Circular Rd, Block C Model Town, Lahore.
  • Website: https://sholay.pk/

Best Fast Food Restaurants of Model Town, Lahore

1-Cafe Pizzario

Every age group enjoys pizza, whether they are children or adults. However, do you know of any unique cafes where you can get a variety of pizza options at reasonable prices?  Cafe Pizzario! 

Best Restaurants of Model Town, Lahore

With so many tasty options for you, this restaurant is popular with both locals and tourists.

A destination where you can go and enjoy yourself fully with your loved ones or friends.

The best part is the sight of Model Town Park from their window; the meals and seating are also superb. Their specialities are pizza and sandwiches. 

  • Phone No..:042-35861129
  • Address: 36 Bank Square, Model Town, C Block

2-Cafe Delice

The Cafe Delice may be your next stop if you’re looking for a place to get Chinese, continental, and fast food. Opened in 2016, this small café offers a decent sitting arrangement and all the needs for satisfying your hunger at an affordable price.

Best Restaurants of Model Town, Lahore

Along with their other delicious dinners, this famous pan-Asian cuisine is a remarkable experience. Don’t miss out on this restaurant as it comes under phenomenal eateries of Model town, Lahore.


If you enjoy eating, you can find the best restaurants of Model Town, Lahore. With so many unique dining options to suit all taste buds, the entire area is like a treasure store for foodies. 

You’ll have an abundance of options to choose from, whether your craving is for pizza, delicious Chinese food, or traditional Pakistani cuisine. 

Even better, you may have a wonderful lunch without going over budget at these amazing restaurants because they serve meals at reasonable costs. A fantastic eating adventure welcomes you on every visit to Model Town.

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