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Best Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

Are you a resident trying to find a new restaurant or a tourist wanting to sample Lahore’s flavors? You can explore the wide variety of dining options available in Gulberg by using this guide.

Once we set out on our adventure, we’ll learn about the variety of dishes, their flavors, and the ambiances that set each Gulberg restaurant unique as a special place to eat within the busy city’s food scene.

Lahore City, frequently referred as the “Heart of Pakistan,” is an economic center with a rich history that shows the nation’s artistic and cultural heritage. We’ll look at the best restaurants in gulberg Lahore, to make your trip truly memorable.

Best Desi Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

1-Bundu Khan

Are you a passionate foodie who enjoys real Pakistani cuisine? Satisfy your hunger at Bundu Khan, widely known as one of Lahore’s top restaurants and a traditional place.

Bundu Khan offers food that will satisfy every appetite, from the flavor of parathas to the rich tastes of Mutton Karahi, the juicy Malai Boti, and the flawlessly grilled Chicken Shashlik. You will be treated to an enjoyable experience as each dish is perfectly prepared using fine products and seasonings.

Best Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore
Best Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

The restaurant is well-known for its delicious chicken karahi, which makes it a top pick for people who want to experience Lahore in a memorable way.

Along with the delicious food, Bundu Khan provides a welcoming atmosphere that enhances your eating experience.

  • LOCATION:  106-Block-K, Gulberg3, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • PHONE NO:  021-111 444 411
  • EMAIL:
  • Timings: Monday to Saturday (6 am – 1 am), Sunday (9 am – 1 am).


As a Pakistani you can’t avoid the restaurant with the pure desi touch in it, Ziafat has proven itself as a top pick for anyone looking for a wonderful variety of flavors by being the unmatched provider of delicious desi cuisines for more than 20 years.

This restaurant is ideal for formal dinners, get-togethers with family, and birthday parties because of their finest environment.

Explore their menu and discover specialties that represent Ziafat’s cuisine expertise. Ziafat meets all of your food needs, whether you’re in the mood for the bold tastes of Mutton Paya, the comforting goodness of Nihari, or their whole menu of tasty BBQ dishes.

  • LOCATION:  26-H College Rd, Block H Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab.
  • PHONE NO:  0345 6789105
  • EMAIL:
  • Timings: Monday to Thursday (1 pm – 10 pm), Friday to Sunday (1 pm – 12 am).   

3-Bar.B.Q Tonight

Bar.b.q Tonight began initially in Karachi in 1988 and has grown into a renowned food establishment that has left a lasting impression on Pakistan and the Middle East. The restaurant’s outstanding path is proof of its ongoing commitment to providing unmatched dining experiences on a global basis.

Get ready for a mouthwatering explosion of tastes. Experience the richness of the Reshmi Kabab, the strong tastes of the White Karahi, the juicy American Steak, and the aromatic Chicken Ginger.

Best Desi Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

Barbecue Tonight’s culinary skills and passion to creating exceptional dining experiences can be seen in every dish, which is a  masterpiece. Barbecue Tonight offers an adventure that hits boundaries and leaves a lasting impression on everyone, whether you’re a local fan or an international visitor.

  • LOCATION:  7A, 3 Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Rd, Block A3 Block A 3 Gulberg III, Lahore, 54660
  • PHONE NO:  (042) 111 227 111
  • EMAIL: , 
  • Timings: Monday to Thursday (12 pm – 11 pm), Friday to Sunday (12 pm – 12 am).     

Best Chinese Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

1-Yum Chinese & Thai

Whenever your taste buds are aching for the delightful tastes of Chinese food. It is important to visit Chinese and Thai cuisine. A visit to Yum is all you need, considered as one of the best places to eat Chinese food in Lahore.

Yum Chinese and Thai has an atmosphere that is akin to a warm haven, enhanced by employees whose kindness provides the ideal finish to your meal.

Best Chinese Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

Offering a wide variety of spicy and sweet continental cuisine. Yum has perfected the art of creating memorable eating experiences for every palette, from mouthwatering starters and satisfying soups to delicious noodles, fragrant rice, spicy stir-fry, rich curry dishes, and amazing treats.

And remember not to miss out restaurants supper Buffets which are additional to its usual meals.

  • LOCATION:  Gulberg Branch – 24 K, Gulberg II
  • PHONE NO:  +923111122101
  • Timings: Monday to Thursday (12 pm – 10 pm), Friday to Sunday (12 pm – 11 pm).  

2-Sichuan Restaurant

Best Chinese Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

One more restaurant that’s going to attract all the Chinese food lovers, Sichuan Restaurant is well-known not only for its traditional Chinese food but also for its bold flavor combination with Pakistani cuisine.

If you are planning to choose this as your next destination then you should go for their signature meals to enhance your eating experience.

Enjoy the strong tastes of Kung Pao Chicken, discover the perfect balance of Chicken Cashew Nuts; taste the fire thrills of Beef Chilli Dry, try the amazing taste and cozy comforts of American Chopsuey; and not to forget the delicious chicken Manchurian. 

  • LOCATION:  28 L College Rd, near Mini Market, Block L Gulberg 2, Lahore, 54000 
  • PHONE NO:  0301 4415644 
  • Timings: Monday to Sunday (1 pm – 11:58 pm).

Best Continental Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

1-The Pantry by Polo Lounge

If you’re in the mood for some modern English cuisine and fast food, The Pantry is the place to go. Known for being one of the most popular restaurants in gulberg Lahore, The Pantry expertly blends delicious food with a basic aesthetic to make sure that your visit is worthy.

Best Continental Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

Providing a large selection of choices for each meal of the day. This cafe is the ideal spot for you to relax with others with refreshments because of its welcoming and comfortable environment. Among their best-known offerings are grilled chicken, pasta, burgers, and pizzas.

  • LOCATION:  Shop No 10, Mall 1، 94-D Main Boulevard Gulberg, Block D1 Gulberg III, Lahore.
  • PHONE NO:  (042) 35790127
  • Timings:Monday to Sunday (11 am – 12 am). 

2-Arcadian Cafe

For all of you who prefer steak, this place is well-known for serving the best steak in Lahore. Famous restaurants in Gulberg Lahore, Pakistan, The Arcadian Cafe is renowned for its fine dining offerings and mouth-watering cuisine.

Best Continental Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

 The restaurant’s stylish, sophisticated interior design gives guests a stylish, pleasant feeling. Arcadian Cafe has anything that fulfills your demands, whether they be for a tasty pasta food, a juicy burger, or a traditional Pakistani karahi. For finishing off your dinner with something sweet, they also serve a selection of beverages, both hot and cold, in addition to treats.

  • LOCATION:  28 K Gulberg 2 (Opposite Mobilink House – In Mini Market) Lahore.
  • PHONE NO:  +923219555400
  • EMAIL:
  • Timings: Monday to Saturday (12:30 pm – 12 am), Sunday (01:30 pm – 12 am).   

3-Cafe Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto is the best recommended place to go if you’re looking for an extraordinary eating experience. Get ready to be amazed by classic tastes with the delicious. Mediterranean foods as soon as you walk into Café Aylanto. 

Best Continental Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

This peaceful atmosphere makes it the ideal place to relax with loved ones after an exhausting day at work. One of their best-ever menu items is the Chicken Avocado Sandwich, which is a delicious combination of taste and freshness.

Cafe Aylanto is also offering great Ramadan deals for both sehri and iftar for those who are looking forward to choosing this restaurant as their go to spot.

  • LOCATION:  12 C1 MM Alam Rd, Block C1 Block C 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab
  • PHONE NO:  0423 5751886
  • Timings: Monday to Sunday (07:30 am – 11:30 am).

Best Buffet Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

1-The Brasserie

Best Buffet Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

Are you also a buffet enthusiast ? Well, you’re in for a treat! The Brasserie, a renowned buffet restaurant in Lahore, is not only perfect for individual dining experiences but also claims to be the ideal venue for planning events for bigger parties.

Its expansive and pleasant environment sets the stage for various occasions, be it an intimate family gathering or a business function.

From the richness of Prawn with Linguine to the perfection of Margherita Pizza, each dish is a masterpiece crafted for every palates. 

Whether you’re seeking a delightful family meal or organizing a grand event, The Brasserie ensures a unforgettable experience that caters to every palate and occasion. Get ready to indulge in a feast that goes beyond expectations.

  • LOCATION:  94 D1, Mall, 1 Main Blvd Gulberg, Block D1 Gulberg III, Lahore.
  • EMAIL: 
  • PHONE NO:  (042) 35790051
  • Timings: Monday to Thursday and Sunday (12 pm – 12 am) (Friday and Saturday (12 pm – 1 am).    

2-Salt and Pepper

Go no farther than Salt & Pepper for a buffet experience that blends elegance and sophistication. One of the first gems and Best buffet Restaurants in Gulberg Lahore, this restaurant opened its doors in 1983 and is today regarded as one of Pakistan’s best restaurants. Visiting Salt & Pepper is more than just a meal, it’s a peek into the rich tradition of wonderful dining.

Best Buffet Restaurants In Gulberg Lahore

This classy restaurant goes above and beyond the norm, offering a peaceful place perfect for special occasions. Whether you’re organizing a business meeting, a family gathering, or a formal gathering, Salt and Pepper provides an atmosphere that makes every event special.

Now, let’s talk about their masterpieces. Salt and Pepper’s all-time favorite dishes are the exquisite Batair Karahi to the BBQ Mutton Chops, the crispy finger fish, an amazing taste of Chapli Kababs, and the comforting warmth of Chicken Haleem, each dish is a fusion of flavors that leaves a lasting impression. At Salt and Pepper, every visit is not just a meal; it’s an extraordinary culinary experience that defines the class and taste.

  • LOCATION:  B-103 MM Alam Rd, Block B2 Block B 2 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab
  • EMAIL:
  • PHONE NO:  0311 110104, 0423 5750735
  • Timings:  Monday to Sunday (12:30 pm – 12 am).


Start a tasty journey with Best restaurants in Gulberg, Lahore, where each restaurant promises a unique dining experience. If you’re a visitor or a local, this vibrant district caters to all tastes. Lahore, known as the heart of Pakistan, boasts a rich history and cultural legacy.

Indulge in authentic Pakistani cuisine at Bundu Khan, offering flavorful dishes like parathas and chicken karahi. Ziafat, with its desi touch, has been a go-to spot for over 20 years, serving bold flavors of Mutton Paya, Nihari, and BBQ. Yum Chinese & Thai satisfies Chinese cravings, and Sichuan Restaurant blends Chinese with Pakistani flavors.

 The Pantry by Polo Lounge is perfect for modern English cuisine, while Arcadian Cafe serves the best steak. Cafe Aylanto offers Mediterranean delights, and Barbecue Tonight showcases culinary expertise. Salt and Pepper exudes class, and The Brasserie is a buffet enthusiast’s paradise. Each place, from the warmth of Yum to the elegance of Salt and Pepper, makes dining in Lahore an unforgettable adventure.

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