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0325 Which Network Code

People are often confused and search for 0325 which network code to know about the different mobile networks. This article will remove all your confusion and you will be able to understand different network codes of various mobile networking companies. 

Pakistan has a total of 6 telecom networks available and all of them have permanent identification codes which are assigned by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority).

Serial numbers are commonly known as network codes, begin at 00 and conclude at 55.  You must  check all the network codes and understand the way each one is identified.

Therefore you can simply identify any networks based on the different serial numbers they have.

0325 Which Network Code


Which Network Code Warid

Warid’s partnership with Jazz increased the number of its users. Although both firms now share a similar name, the codes remain separate. It is done in order that people won’t have any issues when replacing their phone numbers. Warid codes begin with 032_. 

Information about Warid Network Codes

Serial Number032
Warid Network code 0320
Warid Network code 0321
Warid Network code 0322
Warid Network code 0323
Warid Network code 0324
Warid Network code 0325
Warid Network code 0326
Warid Network code 0327
Warid Network code 0328
Warid Network code 0329


In the end your problem about which network code is this must be resolved by understanding each mobile network code that is mentioned above. 

These codes are not made by networks itself but are provided by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority)

So whenever you get a call or message on you phone number you will not be worried of which network code is this.

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