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ONIC Sim Packages

Are you ready to get introduced to the new mobile network that is spreading since the day it was launched on 14th august 2023. Yes you are right, ONIC is a mobile network that offers continuous connection, easy access, and limitless chances to interact, build, and share anytime and anywhere you choose.

ONIC provides reliable calls, SMS & internet connectivity services at very reasonable & discounted packages/ rates.

In this article you will learn everything related to ONIC, including ONIC Sim Package to ONIC promotion codes. So read this detailed guide till the end so that you can buy an ONIC sim and enjoy ONIC Sim Package with no regrets.

ONIC Sim Package

ONIC Sim Package NameDetailsPriceValidity
Onic Big Data30 GB , free calls both incoming and outgoing, and 5,000 SMS.Rs.89030 Days
Epic Data100 GB of Internet, free calls both incoming and outgoing, and 10,000 SMS.Rs.1290.30 Days
Limitless200 GB of data, free calls both incoming and outgoing , and 10,000 SMS.Rs.1990.30 Days
ONIC Sim Package 
ONIC Sim Package

Onic Sim Price In Pakistan

You are on your way buying an ONIC sim but forget to know the price of it? So here is the latest price, ONIC Sim price in Pakistan is Rs.100 and Rs.150. Really affordable right? That’s why they won many hearts in Pakistan in such a short period of time.

How to Buy ONIC SIM in Pakistan

Below are the steps for buying an ONIC SIM:

  • Visit ONIC website
  • Click on “Order Now”
  • Select the type of SIM card you want to purchase from options provided.
  • Then provide your correct contact and personal information.
  • Choose the delivery option that is easiest for you, like consumers who want to pick up the SIM card in person at any store near you or you can also go for shipping one.
  • You can pay with either credit/debit cards, internet banking, or mobile wallets, etc.,
  • You will soon get your SIM card after completing your payment process.
  • Later, you must also visit a valid Onic retailer to activate the SIM with a reasonable package plan and your ID.        
  • At last, Install the SIM card in your mobile phone and subscribe to ONIC Sim Package.
How to Buy ONIC SIM in Pakistan

ONIC Sim code

After getting much information about ONIC Sim Package do you know what is the ONIC Sim Code?  ONIC Sim code has the serial numbers starting with 0339.

ONIC Mobile Application

For those who are not familiar with Onic mobile application here are the steps to register yourself:

  • Download the app of ONIC in your personal cell phones.
  • Type your email address when signing up.
  • Agree on terms and conditions.
  • You will get a (OTP) One-Time Password.
  • After registration, consumers can access the ONIC mobile application for different uses like purchase plans etc.

ONIC Promotions

One more plus point for all the ONIC users in Pakistan is that ONIC is presently offering 2 promotions so that you can take good advantage of it, and those are as under:

  • Golootlo Subscription Vouchers Worth Rs.200 for 3 months
  • Daraz Voucher Worth Rs.300!


ONIC might be a new telecom mobile network but definitely knows how to make their customers happy and also attract people towards them.

Whether it is ONIC Sim Package, ONIC Promotions or even ONIC sim prices ONIC always has ways to satisfy you with giving so much. So those who want easy, smooth access to fast connectivity data to work, interact, or even games, with not being concerned over tracking use, balance deductions, or dealing with unnecessary offers, or dealing with bad customer support.

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