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Telenor Balance Save Code 2024

Telenor Balance Save Code
Telenor Balance Save Code

The Telenor Balance save code was developed by the Telenor company in response to customer issues over balance loss and concerns about how to save our balance from unknown deductions & subscriptions.

Telenor is a mobile network company used by many people all over Pakistan. Telenor provides many offers and useful packages to its customers at a very affordable price.

 In this article we are going to discuss what is balance save code telenor and how you can avail this amazing offer introduced by Telenor. The process is very simple and easy to understand.

It will help you in future if you’re a telenor user. You are going to find out how you can subscribe and unsubscribe telenor balance save code. 

Telenor Balance Save Code

Telenor Balance Save Code Subscribe Code

Balance Lock Service.

The save code of telenor balance is *7799#.

Method Of Using

  • Enter *7799# into the message box to get started.
  • You will see some options, Choose your concern.
  • Third step requires you to confirm your subscription once more.
  • The final step is services that were subscribed  “Balance Lock Service” now included in services that were subscribed.

Telenor Sim Balance Save Code In Pakistan Through Call

If you are worried about losing your balance without using it, it can be mainly because of the data usage without any notification. Then here is the process that will definitely help you to deal with telenor balance save code from internet usage.

Just make sure to follow the steps as mentioned below without missing any:

Method Of Calling

  • Using your cell phone’s dial pad, type 345 to make a call.
  • Next, you confirm your response by pressing 1.
  • You’ll get an approval message after doing that.
  • The text is your subscription message for the Balance Save service.

Telenor Balance Bachat Through My Telenor App

The package is known as Balance Bachat and this is a way which will help you save your balance without any hurdles. 

To activate this Package in your mobile phone you have to download My telenor app in your mobile phones, you can download the app easily through play store or app store.

 After downloading the app follow the steps mentioned below:

Method Of Using My Telenor App

  • First you need to register you personal number in the app.
  • You will find an option there, which name as packages.
  • By clicking on that go to the option of data, there you are going to find all the packages related to data.
  • Choose Balance Bachat.
  • Subscribe it.
  • You are all set to save your balance now.

Package Details

Package NameValidityPriceMBs
Balance Bachat30 daysRs.6300 MBs
Telenor Balance Balance Bachat
Save Code for Telenor Balance

Telenor Balance Save Code Unsubscribe Code

For any reason, If you want to unsubscribe the Telenor Balance Bachat Code you can follow the following details.

The simplest method is you have to first go to your My telenor app, then you find the option of My accounts, by clicking on that you will see all the packages you have subscribed in. Here you can choose the option to unsubscribe it.

At times Telenor subscribes you to certain packages that you are not familiar with and because of that you lose your balance, by using this method you can resolve this unwanted issue within minutes.


Telenor provides its customers with an easy way of managing their balance using a variety of options. The Balance Save feature is available for subscribers. 

By following these easy steps, Telenor customers might better manage their balance, avoiding unnecessary losses and improving the budget efficiency of their mobile experience.

All the information mentioned above is completely authentic so  you don’t have to worry about whether you are following the right steps or not.

You have options from which to select the one that will be most helpful and simple for you.

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