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Pakistan’s First Plastic Road In Islamabad

Dream Becomes a Reality, Recycling in Pakistan

The day is Monday and date is 6 Dec 2021, Pakistan’s First Plastic Road in Islamabad has been inaugurated today by its Interior Minister Mr. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, thereby materializing a dream of an economically deprived nation into a reality. After the achievement of this historical mile-stone Pakistan has joined the exclusive group of countries which are leading the chain of plastic roads i.e. United States of America, Britain, Mexico, South Africa, India, Vietnam and Philippines.

Plastic Road in Islamabad

Objective of Waste Plastic Road In Islamabad- An Initiative

The main objective of this initiative, for roads in Pakistan, was to reduce the environmental pollution which is mainly caused by the dumped plastic wastage across the region. One best way to overcome this grave issue is by utilizing this waste in a constructive way so it can become an alternative for any existing suitable material. Therefore, reducing its adverse and harmful effects (caused by its deserted accumulation) directly on the overall global environment and indirectly to humans’ lives, marines and all living organisms.

Carpeted Roads vs Plastic Roads

The additional significant results of recycled plastic roads have been noticed in longevity (almost double then regular), sustainability and cost effectiveness indeed.

Plastic Road in Islamabad

As well described by the VP of Coca-Cola Pakistan and Afghanistan, Mr. Fahad Ashraf during the ceremony “this road belongs to all Pakistanis and all the people who care about progress.” This project is the continuation of “World Without Waste” a project launched by Coca-Cola in 2018 whereby it has claimed to collect back and recycle its every sold bottle by 2030.

Pakistan Road Project A Recycled Plastic Ataturk Avenue

The first plastic road in Islamabad named “Ataturk Avenue” is in its beautiful and well-planned Capital City Islamabad and its length is one kilometer. The investment incurred in this project is 21 million PKR. As per further project details, a total of 10 tons of plastic bottle waste was used along with  bitumen and asphalt concrete (standard materials for carpeted roads) to re-carpet the road. According to government statistics Pakistan annually produces 87 tonnes of solid wastes and around 55 billion plastic bags are manufactured every year. Therefore, a lot of scope is available in this field for recycling in Pakistan and converting the same into reusable resources.

Plastic Road in Islamabad

Plastic Pollution in Pakistan

Moreover, the government officials have also declared this First Plastic Road in Pakistan as a Model Project and a pledge has been made to extend the same in the rest of the areas of the capital city and other cities in a phased manner. The other major cities who are likely to be benefited with this plan are Karachi and Lahore metropolitan which are most negatively affected by the environmental plastic pollution. Meanwhile, field experts and analysts present in the inaugural ceremony have shown their reservations on the project expansions due to economic restraints in the country, at present. However, if sponsors like Coca-Cola company could be made available then possibility for project implementations are bright.

Plastic Road in Islamabad

UnSustainable Development Agenda

This step by Pakistan’s government has also been applauded by the international community as well. This footstep is directly in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda: Vision 2030 which reflects the voice for betterment of our future generations. Moreover, this practical contribution also strengthens the Pakistan Government’s support towards the Paris Agreement, 2015 regarding the Climate Change and Global Response towards the Threat to Climate.

Deserves a Special Thanks

The emergence of this environmental icon waste plastic road in Islamabad deserves special thanks to Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran khan for his visionary approach towards Clean and Green Pakistan through protecting the environment. The Coca-Cola Pakistan along with Team-up for their sincere endeavors while pouring in the major investment and providing the technical support throughout this road made of plastic in Islamabad. Last but not the least, the Capital Development Authority, Islamabad who was overall in-charge of the scheme for timely managing and executing the first of its kind project in the country in a very professional and commendable way.

Plastic Road in Islamabad


The advent of waste plastic road in Islamabad is a clear depiction and proof of the famous proverb “When There is a Will There’s a Way”. An economically unstable country was able to make it happen by dumping all the limitations and adverse conditions. Fact is that alone Federal or Provincial Governments would not be able to materialize any project of this type unless any sustained measurable support is provided to them, as it was available in this case.

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