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Nadra Family Registration Certificate Fees

The Nadra FRC is an official document that verifies a family unit’s registration and is issued by Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra). Still Many people of Pakistan are unfamiliar Nadra Family Registration Certificate Fees.

The certificate is required for a number of processes. For example, the FRC certificate is required for immigration purposes and is also required if you intended on traveling or pursue education abroad.
Additionally serves as a crucial requirement when getting a power of attorney, as it is required if you wish to purchase or sell real estate on someone else’s behalf.

It contains information that is important, like the names and relationships of family members. We’ll solve questions around Nadra Family Registration Certificate Fees in this guide, giving you up-to-date information and the procedure. 

FRC Stands For

The Family Registration Certificate, or FRC for short, is an important certificate that Nadra issues to verify a family unit’s registration. It acts as documentation of family ties and can be required for a number of formal processes, such as property purchases, school admissions, visa applications, and inheritance matters.

Nadra Family Registration Certificate Fees

The FRC is the important document that shows complete and detailed information about a family that includes birth, marriage, or adoption, registered with NADRA.

Nadra Family Registration Certificate Fees in both normal and executive categories is Rs1,000.

Nadra Family Registration Certificate Fees

FRC Nadra Requirements 

The FRC can be obtained in below 3 categories:

  • By Birth: This category includes detailed information about family members, parents and siblings.
  • By Marriage: This category includes detailed information about spouse and children.
  • By Adoption: This category includes detailed information about the guardian and the adopted child, provided the child is less than 21 years of age.

Nadra Family Registration Certificate Check

Applying for your FRC can be done using the Pak-ID website, at the closest NADRA Registration Center (NRC), or by going to the NADRA Registration Center (NRC).

The steps needed to visit the NRC for FRC are listed here.

  • A person should issue a token.
  • Photographs will be taken.
  • Person data will be entered and reviewed automatically.
  • FRC will be printed and handed over to the person.

The NADRA Family Registration Certificate (FRC) Application Process

There are 2 methods offered to everyone by NADRA for the NADRA Family Registration Certificate. You can select the one that you  find easiest.

FRC Application Online

  • To begin, a person needs to sign up on the Pak Identity website.
  • Choose the FRC application option.
  • All requested information must be filled out completely on the form.
  • Use a debit or credit card, or the NADRA’s e-Sahulat facility, to pay the Rs. 1,000 application cost.
  • Provide all necessary documents together good quality photographs.
  • Place your finger prints in the correct spaces.
  • Send in your application.
  • Ultimately, you will get the FRC in PDF format by email in a day or 2.

FRC Application In Person

  • Firstly get a token.
  • An officer would next contact you to get your picture.
  • Afterwards, you must provide exact information which is similar with the data included in the NADRA database.
  • Once all the data has been entered, you will be able to review it.
  • The information in the form is going to be printed out after that.
  • After that, you’ll need to turn in the form on the counter, pay the charge, and attach all necessary paperwork.


So anyone seeking to receive this important certificate must be aware of the costs and procedures associated with the Nadra Family Registration Certificate.

You may guarantee a simple and hassle-free application procedure by being familiar with Nadra Family Registration Certificate Fees requirements. Nadra aims to offer quick and easily available documentation services to fulfill your requirements, no matter whether you’re applying for personal use or require the certificate for international reasons.

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