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How Do I Check Status Of My NICOP Through SMS?

How Do I Check Status Of My NICOP Through SMS?

National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is an essential document that serves as their identity for Pakistani  living in foreign countries.

But this question is asked from many people, How Do I Check Status Of My NICOP Through SMS. The answer is through code 8400

As we are getting more dependent on technology, using SMS to check the status of your NICOP has grown as an useful and easy method of being informed about the status of your application. This post will explain how to check your NICOP status in Pakistan through SMS.

Method Of How Do I Check Status Of My NICOP Through SMS

When you submit an application in the modification category or for the issuing of NICOP. You would be assigned with a Tracking ID, such as 7700042658940.

You can use this tracking ID to find out the present status of your NICOP CARD, including the application’s process and if it has been produced.

Make sure to follow these action for Checking your NICOP status:

  • Write you tracking ID in new message option
  • Sending it to “8400“.
  • You will soon get a reply regarding the following statement from NADRA, which confirms the ID card has been both prepared and shipped.


In conclusion, this method is more easier and convenient for all the Pakistani foreigners which can be done without any struggle.

People can use their mobile phones to check their NICOP status at any time, anywhere, by simply following the above described methods.

Just remember that the tracking ID is the most important, so make sure you write it correctly. If you have any other queries related to it you can also contact Nadra helpline.

Helpline Of Nadra

For Zong Telenor Ufone and Jazz users 7000
Using an international dialing and connections051-111-786-100



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