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Cheezious Menu Islamabad 2024

One of the Best Fast Food Restaurants you will find in Islamabad is Cheezious. Cheezious menu has got some amazing dishes for all fast food lovers. In this article you are going to find recent Cheezious Islamabad menu.

Whether you’re a visitor or living in Islamabad, we are going to help you select the perfect dish for you by showing you the cheezious menu Islamabad with their prices.

Cheezious is not popular just for its food but also the fast and quick delivery service it offers. A restaurant for you if you need some cheesy treats for yourselves.

Cheezious Menu Islamabad 2024
Cheezious Menu Islamabad 2024

Cheezious Islamabad F11 Menu        


Items   Price
Cheesy sticks  Rs. 590
oven baked wings  Rs. 550
Flaming wings  Rs. 600
Calzone Chunks   Rs. 1050
Arabic rolls  Rs. 650
Bihari rolls  Rs. 650
Cheezious Menu Islamabad

Somewhat Cheezious Islamabad Menu

smallRs 590
regularRs 1250
large Rs 1650
party Rs 2700

Flavors of Somewhat Cheezious Menu

  • Chicken Tikka
  • Chicken fajita 
  • Chicken lover
  • Chicken tandoori
  • Hot N Spicy 
  • Vegetable Pizza

Somewhat Sooper Of Cheezious Menu Islamabad

smallRs 590
regularRs 1250
large Rs 1650
partyRs 2700

Flavors Of Somewhat Sooper Of cheezious Islamabad Menu

  • Euro 
  • Chicken supreme
  • Black pepper Tikka
  • Chicken Mushrooms
  • Sausage Pizza
  • Cheese lover Pizza
  • Cheese pepperoni pizza

Cheezy treats of Cheezious Menu Islamabad

RegularRs 1450
LargeRs 1850
PartyRs 2900

Flavors of Cheezy Treats of Cheezious Menu Islamabad

  • Cheezious Special 
  • Bihari Kebab
  • Chicken extreme

Platters of Cheezious

Special roasted platter6 pcs of wings4 pcs of bihari rollsAlong with the sauces and friesRs 1080
Classic Roll platter4 pcs of Arabic rolls 4 pcs of Bihari rollsAlong with the sauces and friesRs 1080

Sandwiches of Cheezious

Mexican Sandwich Rs 850
Euro Sandwich Rs 850
Pizza StackerRs 850

Deals of Pizza in Cheezious

Small Pizza dealchoose any flavor from over the sea or local love with one soft drinkRs. 650
Regular Pizza dealany regular pizza with 2 regular drinksRs. 1350
Large Pizza Dealchoose any flavor from over the sea or local love along with the 1 ltr drinkRs. 1790
Cheezious Menu Islamabad

Special Pizza of Cheezious

  • Crown Crust

An incredible fusion of chicken, capsicum, olives, onions along with a special sauce.

RegularRs. 1450
large Rs. 1850
PartyRs. 2900
  • Stuff Crust Pizza

Special chicken with green olives and mushrooms, crust filled with kebab or cheese.

Charges for both fillings is Rs. 1500

Somewhat Amazing from Cheezious Menu Islamabad

Somewhat Amazing 12 bazinga, regular fries, 2 regular drinksRs. 1150
Somewhat Amazing 22 bazinga burgers, 2 chicken pieces, large fries, 2 regular drinksRs. 1550
Somewhat Amazing 33 Bazinga Burger, Large Fries, 1 Liter DrinkRs. 1750
Somewhat Amazing 43 Bazinga, 3 Chicken Pcs, 1 Liter DrinkRs. 1850
Cheezious Menu Islamabad

Cheezious Pasta Menu

Crunchy Chicken PastaRs. 850
Fettuccine Alfredo PastaRs. 990

Cheezious Burger Menu

Bazinga SupremeRs. 730
Reggy BurgerRs. 390
Bazinga BurgerRs. 530
Cheezious Menu Islamabad

Sides Of Cheezious Menu

Chicken PiecesRs. 270
French FriesRs. 200
Chicken NuggetsRs. 370

Addons and Beverages of Cheezious Islamabad Menu

JuiceRs. 50
Water bottle (small)Rs. 50
Soft drinkRs. 90
Mayo dip sauceRs. 70

Specialities of Cheezious Menu Islamabad

These are some dishes which are all time favorites for many cheezious customers:

  • Crown Crust
  • Cheesy delight Burgers
  • Bazooka Wraps

Branches of Cheezious in Pakistan

Cheezious is really popular in Pakistan because of the amount of branches they have. According to our reports, Cheezious has 30 branches all over Pakistan.

Branches of Cheezious in Islamabad.:

  • F-11 Cheezious Branch
  • F-7 Markaz Islamabad Branch
  • Ghori Town Islamabad Branch
  • Giga Mall Islamabad Branch
  • Golra Morr Islamabad Branch
  • I-8 Markaz Islamabad Branch
  • PWD Islamabad Branch
  • Ripha International Uni Rd Islamabad Branch

There are 8 branches of Cheezious all over Islamabad.

How to Pay? (Method of Payment)

It’s really easy to pay for Cheezious as it accepts any kind of payment procedure you have available. Credit and debit card, Mobile transfer apps or Cash all these methods are acceptable.

If you want to try something different you may also choose Cash Vouchers from Cheezious.And good news for all the cheezious lovers because Cheezious offers free delivery.

About Cheezious, The story behind Cheezious

Cheezious is one of those fast food chains that is pure Pakistani and is known in almost all parts of pakistan. They have 30 branches but they have so many hearts of people.

This restaurant is basically owned by a Pakistani Umer Farooq who decided to open this food chain and bring something unique and fun for us. However the current CEO of Cheezious is Imran ijaz.

As a Pakistani we should always support cheezious with their success and make sure to help them brighten their future. 


In conclusion, Cheezious is an appreciated fast-food restaurant in Islamabad that has a large selection of mouthwatering foods to satisfy every appetite. Cheezious provides something for everyone, from delicious pizzas and burgers to cheesy appetizers like Cheesy Sticks. 

Foodies often choose their special platters and bargains since they offer great value for their money. Its dedication to quality and creativity has helped it become widely recognised. Cheezious Menu got everything for you whether you’re craving pasta, sandwiches, or crispy chicken.

For additional content about Pakistan, keep going through INVEST LAHORE Articles. Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us.We appreciate feedback from our readers!



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