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Zong Balance Save Code

Many Zong users have an issue regarding how to save their balance from deducting and are not known to Zong Balance Save code. This article is a guide for you on how you can avoid such problems and what are the save codes of your Zong Balance. 

There are some easy and simple methods that are necessary to be followed if you want to protect your balance from going to minus.

Zong Balance Save Code

How Can You Check Your Zong Balance Save Code?

Many Zong users are still unaware of the feature of checking balance through code. So before you start to Lock your balance you need to know your current balance.

By dialing this code *222#  you will get a pop up notification showing you about your balance available. This feature is used by many zong customers.

Save Code Of Zong Balance

This is the first method of Zong Balance save code where you have to use a particular code to activate this in your mobile phone. The save code is  *4004#

This is the most simplest way and is completely free for the users of Zong.

The Method for Zong Balance Save Code

  • Enter the code *4004# on your mobile’s dial pad.
  • You’re going to ask for an answer.
  • Click on 2 if your postpaid user or 1 if you are prepaid user
  • Await the notification of approval.
  • Upon completion of the saving of balance, you will get a confirmation text.

This procedure safeguard your SIM balance and adds additional security to your balance by blocking unintentional loss.

Save Code Of Zong Balance

Balance Notifications

Are you worried about when your balance is deducted and want a feature that alerts you?

We have got you, by dialing *310#  and listening to the instructions and following the steps you have successfully subscribed to this new useful update given by zong through which you are going to receive information regarding your balance regularly with Zong.


Zong also offers this amazing feature through which you can get assistance or report balance issues. 

This Zong balance save code is 310 , by calling this number you will be introduced with Zong Customer care service and you can easily explain your balance related problems to them.

Mobile App/Website

There is one more option for zong users and that is using Zong’s Website or Mobile phone app. 

You can easily download the zong app or go to a website after that enter your mobile no. to register and then you will be introduced with various zong packages. 

You can also find your zong balance and all the information about your account.

How to Unsubscribe Zong Balance Save?

By using this Zong Balance save code you can quickly unsubscribe from any package. The way of utilizing this code is mentioned below. Make sure to follow all steps.

Method to Unsubscribe Zong Balance Save 

  • Open you message app
  • Type (“UNSUB”) 
  • Send the text to 4009
  • An unsubscribe message will be sent to you.


network to safely maintain their balance.

Using *4004# to activate the Balance Save feature, users may confirm their balance remains secure.

Additionally, consumers can subscribe to balance notifications using *310# to get immediate information about their balance deductions.

On the Zong website and mobile app, there are also useful options for checking account details and monitoring balance.

By taking these easy actions, Zong users may take charge of their balance and stop unnecessary withdrawals.

Many consumers feel more relaxed after knowing that their balance is totally safe and secure thanks to this Zong feature.

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