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How to Check SIMs On ID Card Online 2024?

Many people are facing problems due to unfamiliar SIM cards registered under their CNIC. You can find out how to check sims on id card online and whether your SIM card has been used for unauthorized activity or not by reading this 3 minutes read.

The most effective way to check your sim cards on CNIC is through the website or you can choose sms option, whichever you find suitable. You will also learn how you can avoid such activities and remove such kind of false sim cards used under your name.

In order to allow customers to verify the amount of enrolled SIM cards issued under their Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), this method is designed at maintaining an online history of SIM users. 

How To Check SIMs On ID Card Online 2024?
How To Check SIMs On ID Card Online 2024?

Number Of sim cards that are allowed under your ID card

Do you know the amount of sims you are allowed to keep under your name?  According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) regulated rule, an individual is only permitted to register 5 sims under their CNIC number at any given time.

A single person is never allowed to purchase unlimited phone SIM cards on his name. The quantity of SIM cards that telecommunications firms can issue under an individual’s name has been limited by our  government.

How To Check Number Of Sims On ID Card Online?

There are two simple ways of How to check how many sims on my cnic online.

You can check all sim numbers on id card online through text message or by using website

  1. Through Website 
  2. Through SMS

Through Website

Follow this way to check the SIM on your ID card online, but be sure to pay close attention to each step.

  • Firstly, make sure you have your CNIC card with you.
  • Go to the official website of Pakistan telecommunication Authority(PTA)
  • Type your CNIC number on the said area.(make sure to type it correctly without any mistake)
  • You will be shown the record of issued sims under your name.

Through SMS

  • Go to your phone’s messaging app.
  • Write a fresh SMS.
  • Put your CNIC number with no a space or hyphen.
  • send the message to number 668.
  • You’re going to receive a response shortly from the lists with SIM cards that are activated under the CNIC number you provided.

Note: PKR 2 + tax will be charged after you send this message.

How to Check SIMs On ID Card Online

SIM card copying through illegal ways

It is necessary to be aware of the possibility of SIM copying, which involves creating a duplicate SIM card. The PTA Biometric Verification System (BVS) is an essential tool for safeguarding cellphone users and decreasing illegal mobile phone use.

A copy of the SIM can be produced, a fresh SIM can be activated or purchased, SIM registration can be changed, the SIM you have can be re-verified, and difficulties connected with phone number mobility can be resolved with the use of this method.

How to deactivate extra sim cards on your CNIC ?

When you have verified the number of SIM cards associated with your name, and if you notice any SIM cards that you do not use or are unaware with you should get in touch with the customer support department of the appropriate telecommunication provider as soon as possible. 

  • Phone: 0800-55055

How can an Unwanted SIM card be blocked?

Seeing an unfamiliar Sim card under you Id card but you don’t know how to block it?

These are some few simple steps you can do to block such sim cards that are registered under your name(CNIC).

  • Find that specific telecom company’s closest franchise or customer service location.
  • To remove the inappropriate number, present your CNIC and fill out the applicable paperwork.
How to Check SIMs On ID Card Online

Evolution Of SIM Cards

We are the generation of technologies and lifestyles. Before the 2000s having a mobile phone was such a rare case because not everyone was able to buy this little electronic item. 

But today mobile phones have become the most common thing, like you can find in every house including each person from that family.

Mobile has no use without a sim so many people in the early 2000s used unregistered sim cards for negative aspects like  criminal purposes such as terrorist activity and unlawful actions. 

And because these crimes were increasing our  Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)  created The SIM Information System in 2009 as a solution to such difficulties.


As mobile phones became more popular, governments started to worry about unregistered SIM cards because of the possibility that they would be used illegally. By the end you must have received guidance on the possible consequences of these kinds of crimes and how to handle them. SIM cards may have many advantages but that does not mean that there is no drawback of Sim cards.

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