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Police Force Ranks In Pakistan

Police Force Ranks In Pakistan
Police Force Ranks In Pakistan

Police Force Ranks In Pakistan are unknown to a lot of individuals. , our great and devoted police force is basically in charge of ensuring that all laws and orders are followed correctly. They don’t worry about their life and make sure all the citizens are protected from any harm.

This article is basically dedicated to the Pakistan Police Force, we are going to discuss the structure, beginning, and their various units. You are going to understand the concept of Police Force Ranks in Pakistan.

Police Force Ranks In Pakistan

Police play a big role in the organization of the civil services. Although Pakistan now has 7 law enforcement organizations in operation. The main four agencies carry out their operations in the areas provided by the Pakistani Law. They are

  • The Punjab Police is responsible for maintaining security inside the province.
  • The Sindh Police, that are in charge to perform their duties throughout the region of Sindh
  • The Balochistan Police, carrying out their duties within the Balochistan
  • The police force of Khyber Pakhtun khwa has the duty of looking after the security of the people living in the area.

As per the law’s structure, all four of these organizations report straight to the provincial government. Two of these seven, the police of Gilgit as well as the Azad Kashmir Police, secretly provide for the needs of people in these two semi-auto territories. 

The Pakistan Capital Territory Police is the other one; it is responsible for carrying out normal police tasks in Islamabad. working officially under the supervision of the Ministry in the meantime.

So basically There are two types of Police Force ranks in Pakistan and they have their own uniform which is mandatory to wear :

–          Junior Police force Ranks In Pakistan

–          Senior Police force Ranks In Pakistan.

Junior Police Force Ranks In Pakistan

Junior Police Force Ranks In Pakistan

A district is a region that is seen as the fundamental unit of land division in Pakistan. The subdivisions within each district are later subdivided into police stations. Then, special sets are created throughout each police station.

Junior law enforcement officers, including Constables, Head Constables, and Assistant Sub-Inspectors, are tasked with duties like intelligence collection, searching, and spying. 

The Sub-Inspector of Police normally fills the role of Station House Officer, or SHO, in smaller regions and the countryside. 

The Inspector of Police is designated as the SHO in greater, more crowded districts. Additionally, a police station is further subdivided into police outposts if there is a major crime rate in the area.

It’s also necessary to remember that SHO is a position rather than a rank. This means that Police Force Ranks In Pakistan, officers with less experience might get higher positions.


In Junior police Force ranks in Pakistan, constables are the junior staff and the age limit of their appointments are between 18 & 26 years and most of them are matric passed. The basic pay scale grade is between BPS 5 & BPS 7.

Their basic pay rate is between 38,000-43,00.

Head Constable

These ranks are higher than the constables in terms of pay scale which are between BPS 7 & BPS 9.

Head constable basic pay rate is between 45,000-50,000.

Assistant Sub Inspector(ASI)

This rank is higher than constable & head constable. The pay grade of this rank is between BPS 9 to BPS 11.

Assistant Sub Inspector basic pay rate is between 55,000-60,000.

Sub Inspector (SI)

This rank person is in charge of a small police station in a rural area. And in big cities, they work as staff of police stations. The basic pay scale for this rank is BPS 14.

Sub-Inspector basic pay rate is between 65,000-70,000.

Inspector of Police

They are also known as station house officers (SHO) as they are assigned to head of police stations. Their basic pay grade is BPS 16.

Inspector Of Police basic pay rate is between 75,000-80,000.

Senior Police Force Ranks In Pakistan

Pakistan divides each province into regions that are further separated into districts. 

So basically their is District Police Officer(DPO) responsible for every district and is a head of that area, but it’s his duty to make sure to report to the City Police Officer (CPO) or  Regional Police Officer (RPO) while they report to Provincial Officers who are in charge of the whole Province.

 Below are the Senior Police force Ranks In Pakistan that will help you understand each position clearly:

Senior Police Force Ranks In Pakistan

Assistant Superintendent Of Police Force(ASP)

Also named as (DSP) Deputy Superintendent Of senior Police force ranks in Pakistan. Pakistan’s every district is clearly separated into 1 or 2 subdivisions.  

Within a district, a subdivision is under the control of the ASP or DSP. Because the government’s lowest level for this position is BPS 17, ASPs and DSPs are considered approved officers.

In order to get this position you need to have a bachelor’s degree, compulsory education for 14 years from a professional institute. The beginning rate of pay for police officials, both ASP and DSP, is Rs. 30,370 and later it increase to Rs. 76,370.

Superintendent Of Police(SP)

Within police headquarters, there is a non-field role handled by the Superintendent of Police (SP). The basic pay rate for this police force is BPS 18. The pay scale for the SP is between Rs. 38,350 and Rs. 95,750.

Senior Superintendent Of Police(SSP)

Both the DPO and a non-field position at police headquarters are managed by the Senior Superintendent of Police force ranks In Pakistan. SSPs qualify as government servants at the BPS 19 grade.

Senior Superintendent Of Police basic pay rate is between 115,000-125,000.

Deputy Inspector General Of Police(DIG)

The Deputy Inspector General of Police controls a section, division, or unit that is not in the field and acts as the RPO, CPO, or both. In Pakistani police force ranks, BPS 20 is the starting pay rate for this job.

Deputy Inspector General Of Police basic pay rate is between 125,000-130,000.

Additional Inspector or General of Police( AIG)(Addl.IG)

There is an area or capital city under the Additional Inspector General’s authority. These post holders may also serve as the head of a branch, section, or unit that is not in the field. BPS 21 is their government job rank.

The Assistant Inspector General, who holds the same government position as an SPP, can also be known by the word AIG.

Additional Inspector of Police basic pay rate is between 135,000-140,000.

Inspector General Of Police Force Ranks In Pakistan

Pakistan’s most senior police officer is the Inspector General. An IGP acts as a PPO and is in control of the federal and provincial police forces. It is the most senior post among the Police Force Of Pakistan. This position is a three-star promotion with a government level for BPS 21 or 22.

Inspector General Of Police basic pay rate is between 145,000-155,000.

Inspector General Of Police Force Ranks In Pakistan


In conclusion, these are the main ranks and positions of our brave Police Force of Pakistan. Who are appointed 24 hours for us and our security. 

In this article we have described the value of each post and also what are their duties as a Police officer for each and every district. 

And in the end they deserve all the respect for their responsibilities and as a nation it’s our right to support these heroes who don’t  care about their lives and are ready to serve this country.

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