Bismillah Housing Scheme Ferozepur Road Lahore Phase 2 Location Map & Installment Plan 2022

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2

Bismillah housing scheme phase 2 is a newly developing housing society with a prime location, low budgeted and affordable prices, plenty of plots and state-of-the-art amenities.  After the great success of Bismillah Phase 1, Bismillah developers are going to launch a new project “Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2” in the prime location of Ferozepur road Lahore next to Ring road.

Bismillah housing scheme is an LDA (Lahore development authority) approved, excellent and affordable housing scheme developed and owned by  Al Rehman Developers and Bismillah Developers.

Bismillah housing scheme Phase 1 is located on the main G.T (GRAND TRUNK) ROAD near MANAWAN 64-A, N-5, opposite Bata Factory which was established in 2103. Bismillah housing scheme has a huge success rate in the real estate industry of Lahore and can prove a better future investment.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2
Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2

Bismillah housing scheme Phase 2 is the latest and upcoming project of Bismillah Developers that was launched on 23rd May 2022.The announcement of Bismillah Housing Phase 2 was made in a ‘Coming Soon’ campaign. As far as the campaign of phase II is concerned, conceived, executed, and released by media professionals, it has taken a very simple and straightforward approach to communicate its message. The TVC highlights each point with clarity and precision within 30 seconds.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Ferozepur Road Lahore Owners & Developers

 It is the main and the most important thing to have an in-depth look at the developers and owners of a housing project while investing because it enhances the client’s trust in the project. Bismillah Housing Society is becoming a fabulous piece of art from designing to the development phase, every step of the society has gone through a meticulous phase from Bismillah Civil Engineers and architects.

Bismillah housing society is a joint venture between Al Rehman Developers and Bismillah Developers. Both of them have combined their expertise and resources to make this mega housing project.

Bismillah Housing Society phase 1 and phase 2 are owned and developed by 2 main residential construction and development groups of the real estate society following

  • Bismillah Developers
  • Al Rehman Developers

Bismillah Developers

Bismillah Group of Companies is a Construction Company with a nationwide construction and architectural operation in Pakistan. They provide high-quality services of Real estate Investment in Lahore and Lahore Property to their valued clients and customers, across all the real estate sectors and have set a strong benchmark in the industry. 

History of Bismillah Developers

Bismillah Developers is modifying the real estate industry with diverse yet practical housing projects.

Mr. Ikhlaq is the Chairman of Bismillah Developers and he started his real estate career past in 2008 on Sharaqpur Road which is also called Sheikhupura Road. He builds his first-ever housing project with two other partners. Then he moved to Manawan stop, opposite Bata factory, GT road for another housing project named Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 1.

Bismillah developers have a very strong and clean repute in residential construction and have given multiple successful projects in Lahore. 

Projects of Bismillah Developers

After the great success rate of Bismillah housing society phase I, Bismillah Developers presents Bismillah Housing Society Phase II with the help of another partner.

The notable projects of Bismillah developers include

  • Al Raziq Garden.
  • Supreme City.
  • Bismillah Farm Houses.
  • Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 1.

Al Rehman Developers

Mian Muhammad Mushtaq is the Chief Executive of AL-REHMAN GARDEN. He has done wonders for the projects he has created and developed. His knowledge and expertise have made him who he is today.

 One of the most famous sayings of Mian Muhammad Mushtaq is

 “As a developer, my aim is to plan and

develop housing schemes as one of the

most luxurious places to live and invest in Pakistan”.

History of Al-Rehman Developers

Al-Rehman developers working in the field of residential construction and development for the past many years.

Al Rehman Developers & Builders

Al Rehman Developers are the biggest developers in the real estate market. Al Rehman developers have a large number of housing societies where we have more than 15,000 houses and 100+ commercial markets. Ensuring the health and safety of the residents is a priority.

Projects of Al-Rehman Developers

Al-Rehman Developers has given many great and successful projects not only in Lahore city but in other main cities as well.

 Al-Rehman Developers has emerged as a top real estate company with a reputation for real professionals. Some of their renowned housing projects include

  • Al Rehman Garden Phase 2.
  • Al Rehman Garden Phase 3.
  • Al Rehman Garden Phase 5.
  • Al Rehman Garden Phase 7.
  •  Sialkot Heaven.
  •  Zarai Farmhouses.

The aim of Al Rehman Developers is to provide a secure and healthy environment to their residents. Al Rehman always assures the security of customers and dealers investments. Due to the best services and trust, Al Rehman Developers has more than 30,000 customers within Pakistan and Overseas.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 NOC

The NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE(NOC) of  Bismillah housing scheme Phase 2 is approved by the LAHORE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY(LDA). LDA will approve all the construction plans, instalment plans, payment plans, and layout plans of the society. The approval and acquisition of NOC is the top priority of any residential and commercial society.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 NOC

Bismillah housing scheme is free of legal complications and any charge of fraud and land encroachment. LDA will approve water supply, electricity, and Sui gas and the construction of residential and commercial plots. 

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 Location

The location of any housing society adds worth to the project. Bismillah housing scheme phase 2 is easily accessible from Mustafabad Interchange Lilyani in the mid of Kasur and not so far from ring road Lahore and can be directly approached from Lahore – Kasur G.T Road. Anyone can also access it from Lahore Ring Road on a drive of 20 minutes.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 Location

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 Nearby  Accessibilities

Bismillah housing society phase 2 is located at a prime location on vibrant Ferozepur road which is a mainstream road connecting LAHORE and KASUR. It is a very busy road for transportation between Lahore and Kasur also adjoining to Lahore Ring road.

 The significant and ideal location of Bismillah housing scheme phase II would prove amazingly beneficial for future investment purposes and guarantees its inhabitants a solid and world-class way of peaceful living.

Bismillah housing scheme phase 2 has some of the following nearby accessibilities:

  • Right at Ferozepur road.
  • Located in the middle of Kasur.
  • 20 minutes drive away from Lahore Ringroad.
  • 1.5 kilometres away from Pakki Haweli.
  • 2 kilometres away from Mustafaabad.
  • 4 kilometres away from Lilyani Toll Plaza.
  • 5 kilometres away from Rashid Latif Medical College.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 Nearby Landmarks & Places

Bismillah housing scheme phase 2 has some of the nearby renowned landmarks and places:

  • Kasur Grand Trunk (G.T)Road.
  • Mustafaabad.
  • Lilyani toll plaza.
  • Lahore Ringroad.
  • Police station Mustafabad.
  • Naseem Abad.
  • Pakki haweli.
  • Madina steel industry.
  • Rashid Latif medical college.
  • Nippon paint factory.
  • Gree refrigerator factory (DWP).
  • Gulwera.
  • Wadana.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 Map & Masterplan

Bismillah Developers have amazingly designed the master plan of Bismillah housing society phase 2 according to the latest trends and standards, covering a huge amount of land in quite a manageable way that it seems like a modernly designed architecture residential society featuring luxury art of amenities.

Map of Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2

Society is divided into different blocks named alphabetically. The area comprises several blocks offering a large number of properties at low cost and people belong to the middle. But again, there is no compromise on the quality and provision of facilities to its residents.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 Plots For Sale

Bismillah housing society phase 2 has more than 4000 plots of different sizes. Society has categorized the plots into different categories to facilitate its clients and to maximize the number of customers.

The owners and developers have paved the way to offer residential and commercial plots spaciously and with the feature of affordability. The master plan of Bismillah housing society phase II is categorized into two types of plots:

  • Residential plots.
  • Commercial plots.

Residential Plots For Sale in Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2

  • 3 Marla Plot Price = 4,50,000 PKR ( Per Marla )
  • 5 Marla Plot Price = 4,50,000 PKR ( Per Marla )
  • 7 Marla Plot Price = 4,10,000 PKR ( Per Marla )
  • 8 Marla Plot Price = 4,00,000 PKR ( Per Marla )
  • 10 Marla Plot Price = 3,80,000 PKR ( Per Marla )

3 & 5 marla plot for sale in Bismillah Housing Scheme phase 2 Ferozepur Road Lahore have more potential.

Commercial Plots For Sale in Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2

  • 2 Marla Plot Price = 45, 000, 00 PKR 
  • 4 Marla Plot Price = 80, 000, 00 PKR

IMPORTANT NOTE: Plots will be entertained on a first come first serve bases.

Commercial plots can be used for supermarkets, grocery stores, real estate offices, gyms, salons, food shops, clinics and pharmacies as well.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 Houses & Villas For Sale

Bismillah housing society is not only offering constructed homes but also villas for their valued clients and investors. Already constructed homes and villas of the same infrastructure will add an instinctive charm and beauty to society.

The houses and villas will most probably consist of 3 marla residential plots. The infrastructure of the homes and villas may be as follow: 

  • Ground floor: 1 Bedroom+ 1 Bath+ Open kitchen+ Drawing room+ Porch.
  • 1st floor: 2 Bed rooms+ 2 Baths+ Open kitchen+ Terrace .

Talented architects have planned the construction of the homes and villas in such a way that it fulfils all your requirements while being comfortably spacious.

Pakistan’s Largest Dancing Fountains

Apart from the other numerous facilities, Bismillah housing scheme phase 2 claims that it will create Pakistan’s largest dancing fountains. The biggest dancing fountains will be the biggest charm for residents as well as investors. This can be the most exceptional and attractive point of society.

Pakistan’s Largest Dancing Fountains

Bismillah Society has selected land for the fountains and soon the land will be under construction as per the latest information.

Possession Time of Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2

The key point of the newly launched society is its time of possession which is very rare in other residential projects. This can enhance the popularity of Bismillah housing society phase II among the real estate industry.

The possession of plots in Bismillah Housing Scheme will be handed over within 6 months of booking. The booking process will start with a 40% down payment.

Great News About Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2

The most important news about Bismillah housing society phase 2 is that this housing society doesn’t sell files like other societies.

They sell plots on 40% advance payment and give you possession within 6 months. This is a great opportunity and convenience for clients and investors that they don’t need to wait for years for starting construction on plots.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 Payment Plan 2022

Bismillah housing society phase 2 is an emerging housing society covering a large area of land and ideally located at the prime location of Lahore-Kasur accessible through several routes.

The payment plan of the society is given below

Residential Plots Payment Plan 2022

Plot SizeRate Per MarlaTotal PriceBooking 40%3 Instalments
3 Marla450,0001,350,000540,000270,000
5 Marla450,0002,250,000900,000450,000
7 Marla410,0002,870,0001,140,000547,000
8 Marla400,0003,200,0001,280,000640,000
10 Marla380,0003,800,0001,520,000760,000
Residential plots payment plan 2022

Commercial Plots Payment Plan 2022

Plot SizeRate Per MarlaTotal PriceBooking 40%3 Instalments
2 Marla2,250,0004,500,0001,800,000900,000
4 Marla2,000,0008,000,0003,200,00016,00,000
Commercial plots payment plan 2022

Features & Amenities Available in Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2

The features and amenities planned to provide in society are exceptional and first-class. That’s the main reason behind the large number of investors and clients. Bismillah housing society phase II provides the following of the state of art amenities:

  • Eco-friendly community.
  • Indoor and outdoor sports complexes.
  • Gated Community.
  • Beautiful Entrance.
  • Boundary wall.
  • 24/7 CCTV security system.
  • Hospitals, Clinics, dispensaries and other health facilities.
  • Jogging tracks.
  •  Playgrounds.
  • Mosques in all blocks.
  • High-quality road infrastructure.
  • Parks and Grounds for Kids.
  • Business and commercial hub.
  • Graveyard.
  • Community centers.
  • Electricity, Gas, and Water Resources.
  • World-class infrastructure and development.
  • Water Supply and Maintained Sewerage network.
  • Education complex.
  • Maintenance throughout the year.
  • 30,40,60,80 feet wide Carpeted Roads.
  • Proper Sewerage and drainage system.
  • Safe and clean society.
  • Restaurants and food courts.
  • Budget-friendly society.
  • Main boulevard
  • Easy and flexible payment plan.
  • Green belts around roads.
  • Shopping centers.
  • Gymnasium.
  • Proper ventilation system.
  • Green landscapes in society.
  • 24/7 Security staff.
  • Recreational parks.
  • Grand Mosque.
  • Smart security system at entrance.
  • Underground electrification.

On-Ground Developmental Work Till Date

Documentation Requirement For Booking

The following documentation is required to buy & sell plots in Bismillah housing scheme phase 2 Lahore:

  • Two passport size Pictures.
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card.
  • Two copies of the ID card of your next to kin(father, mother, wife, sister, brother).
  • NICOP for overseas clients.

Why Invest In Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2

Bismillah housing society phase 2 can be your dream investment in future.  There is not a single doubt about the credibility and authenticity of society. Here are some notable points as an investor and a client while investing in Bismillah housing scheme phase 2:

  • Legally approved by LDA
  • Prime location.
  • Non-depreciable asset.
  • Availability of all basic needs and luxury facilities.
  • 24/7 security and gated community.
  • Affordable housing society with a flexible payment policy.

Conclusion – Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 

Bismillah housing scheme phase 2 is soon to be approved residential housing society at Ferozepur road Lahore with one aim to provide a globally recognized living experience to the residents, luxurious facilities and prime location.

The features and amenities of BISMILLAH HOUSING SOCIETY PHASE 2 seem quite promising that it will prove a better, more successful and smart investment for the future on a reasonable budget.

So, if you are part of the same crowd looking to invest in installments in Lahore’s new residential projects in 2022, contact INVEST LAHORE now!

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